UCAS application support, UCAS Deadlines, UCAS Fees

UCAS Application Support

Submit your UCAS application using the SI-UK buzzword
so we can track it from beginning to end.

UCAS Application Support

Apply and track your UCAS application

As an official UCAS centre, SI-UK will provide you with free, independent advice on how to submit a high quality UCAS application. With only five university choices available to students - alongside 100,000 undergraduate and postgraduate courses - it is vital you understand the UCAS process fully and choose the right universities to apply to. SI-UK will:

  • Introduce schools and programmes
  • Decide on five UK universities and courses to apply to
  • Create your UCAS application
  • Review and edit your personal statement
  • Add a reference to UCAS and send your application
  • Full application tracking on your behalf

How we can help

Advice about completing your application - from initial registration, to writing a personal statement and course selection - is available by arranging a free consultation in our office or via Skype.

UCAS deadlines

There are many different deadlines depending on what course and level you wish to study. For EU students applying to the majority of courses, the 15th January is when all applications must be submitted. Non-EU students can still submit their application up to the 30th June. Find a full list of UCAS application deadlines for international students here.

UCAS Application Fee

For Single course choice application - £13

For Multiple courses and application - £24

Starting your UCAS application online

SI-UK can track your UCAS application by entering the buzzword ‘UKApplication9’ when applying. Follow these simple steps to link your application to SI-UK.

  1. Register on the UCAS website to be provided with a username and password.
  2. Click ‘Link your application to your school, college or organisation’ and enter the buzzword ‘UKApplication9’ when asked ‘How are you applying?’
  3. Which centre? You are registering through Study International. Is this correct?, click ‘Yes’.
  4. Apply screen. “Welcome [name], your personal ID is (XXXXXXXXX).” Click ‘Please click here to verify your email address’.
  5. Check your email from UCAS and enter the code you are given. Click ‘verify email’.
  6. Once verified, begin filling in your application.

  • Study at Glasgow
  • Study at Kent
  • Study at Oxford
  • Study at UEA
  • Study at LSE
  • Study at Kings
  • Study at Liverpool