Physiotherapy study in the UK

Physiotherapy in the UK

Physiotherapy courses in the UK

Introduction to Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy will see you help and treat the young and old who are suffering from illness, accidents or ageing. Through the use of manual therapy and therapeutic exercise qualified physiotherapists will help with spine and joint problems, specifically after operations, rehabilitation following sports injuries, strokes and accidents, while also the very young and old.

Good communication, motivation, problem solving and being able to work among a large team are key to the success of good physiotherapists, and by studying physiotherapy at a UK university you will learn all this and more. Modules can involve the study of the basic principle of healing, repair and movement analysis in year one, to patient assessment and management in year two. Your final year of study will involve providing an in-depth study on a subject within physiotherapy, plus a greater responsibility in clinical reasoning and decision making.

Careers in Physiotherapy

Most physiotherapists find work within the NHS or in the community. Roles can be undertaken at private practises or companies, and sports teams or centres. Specific roles will see you tend to the elderly, while undertaking orthopaedics, obstetrics, paediatrics and sports medicine.

What are the entry requirements for Physiotherapy?

For international students wishing to study Physiotherapy at undergraduate level, an IELTS score of no less than 6.5 across all four categories - reading, writing, speaking and listening – with an overall 7.0 score generally required at most universities.

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Where can I study Physiotherapy in the UK?

To learn more about some of the best Physiotherapy universities in the UK, please find details on the top ten ranking Physiotherapy universities:

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