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Oxbridge Application Process

Interview and admissions test details for international students.

Applying to Oxbridge

Applying to Oxbridge involves choosing a college as well as a university. Applying to a specific college is recommended, but open applications can also be filed. It is important to pick a college where you will enjoy living and working, but be aware that certain Oxbridge colleges do not offer certain subjects.

Visiting Open Days at Oxbridge universities is vital to gain an understanding of the area and what life will be like. Ask yourself if you wish to live in a central location, near thriving sport or music hubs, or if you would prefer a quieter life. Oxbridge tutors are also often happy to meet informal visitors if a request is made.

The deadline for applying to either Oxford or Cambridge is October 15.

Oxbridge Admissions Tests

While grades remain important to pass the initial entry requirement, more than 70% of Oxbridge applicants are then required to take an admission test. Find more details on Oxbridge admissions tests here. Not all Oxbridge courses require the taking of a set test, and those that do often depend upon the staff’s preference.

- University of Oxford

Students are required to take a test before the offer of an interview. If students are applying to study Law, the LNAT must be taken between a specified date each year.

- University of Cambridge

Applicants for Medicine and Veterinary Medicine are required to take the BMAT, while prospective Law students must take the Cambridge Law Test.

Oxbridge Interview Process

Applying to Oxbridge can involve up to three interviews. Oxbridge Interviews vary from one college to the next and often students will be given unseen material to analyse, such as a poem for English students.

At Oxford you may be “pooled” during your interview visit and meet tutors from various colleges, whereas Cambridge will only enter you into the pool after your initial interview. Written work will also need to be submitted, and it is vital that the most original and striking work produced in the course of your A-levels or IB is showcased.

Oxbridge interviews for Cambridge and Oxford will take place during December.

Your Oxbridge Application

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  • Study at Kent
  • Study at Oxford
  • Study at UEA
  • Study at LSE
  • Study at Kings
  • Study at Liverpool