Oxbridge Application Service

Oxbridge Service

Apply to the UK’s best universities with personal statement editing and mock interview practice.

Oxbridge Service 

The UK's top universities are also in the top ten universities in the world. Applying to these prestigious institutions can be an extremely competitive process, but the Oxbridge Service will maximise your chances of securing a place at one of the UK's top universities.

SI-UK developed the Oxbridge Service to assist high calibre Indian students with their applications to these universities. With extensive knowledge of the application process, requirements and deadlines, your free consultation will assess your suitability and qualifications for these high-quality institutions.

Applications to the following universities fall under the Oxbridge Service:

Our specialists have helped hundreds of students join the world's best universities. Oxbridge consultants are Cambridge and Oxford graduates who know what it takes to make a strong application. Find a list of recent success stories with our Oxbridge Placements.

Initial Consultation

SI-UK Oxbridge Service

We will discuss your academic ambitions and decide if you are eligible for the Oxbridge Service. This preliminary consultation is free of charge.

Application Submission

SI-UK Oxbridge Service

The Oxbridge application system involves submitting the best of your written work to date and we will review your essays and assist in selecting the work that ensures admissions officers are impressed. We will also professionally complete your application forms.

Personal Statement

SI-UK Oxbridge Service

Your personal statement is crucial in determining whether your interview will be secured. Academic grades are essential, but high marks alone will not guarantee an interview. Because of this, your personal statement needs to be a masterpiece of persuasion and concision.

College Selection

SI-UK Oxbridge Service

College selection is crucial to the success of your application. What subject you want to study and what sort of person you are make a big difference to which College you should apply to. By getting to know you - and already knowing the colleges - we can make the perfect match for your future.

Interview Practice

SI-UK Oxbridge Service

Oxbridge interviews are famously difficult. Every year candidates are caught off guard by the unusual questions which seek to separate the original thinkers from the merely well taught. Our mock interviews will familiarise you with the setting and questions which can be expected and after the interview is complete we will give you 30 minutes of oral feedback.

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The cost of the Oxbridge Service is Rs. 13000/- for a single application, Rs. 24800/- and Rs. 36600/- for up to three applications. Please arrange your free consultation to learn more.

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