SI-UK Free Application Support Service

Free Application Support Service

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Application Support Service

This service is free of charge to all Indian students.

Use our service to maximise your chance of being accepted at your first choice UK university. Our close relations with UK universities allow you to benefit from having your application reviewed prior to submission and to receive your offer faster than applying on your own. Our service means 98% of SI-UK's applicants receive offers to their first choice university, compared to 55% applying independently. 

Our consultants have placed tens of thousands of students into UK universities and colleges and you could be next.

What's included?

  • A free 40 minute consultation with a university specialist in our office or via skype. This can be completed on location in Chennai, Bangalore or New Delhi or via phone or skype
  • You can be in the UK or your home country to complete your free consultation
  • We will provide you with a list of recommended universities to apply to
  • We will provide you with and review your application forms
  • Help you write your personal statement
  • Advice on what documents you need
  • Advice on scholarship applications
  • Advice on deciding which offer to accept
  • Support throughout your course until graduation

Want SI-UK to take care of all of the above and guarantee you an offer from a UK university? Learn more about the Premium Service.

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