How Indian students manage studies and part time job in UK?


Many Indian students who’ve done their graduation in Indian universities understand the time constraints during their university days. Lectures from 9 am till 4 pm, sometimes till 5 pm. Which gives them limited time to study or work part-time. Even if they manage to get a part-time opportunity during the college, the pay is so less that they prefer to not do it and utilize the time for studying instead or doing some leisure activities.

Managing time and study

The above picture is the time table of computer studies, where you could see that students have a busy schedule on Monday and Thursday, but Wednesday’s are free as well as the later half of Friday, and, of course, the weekends. Since the students are allowed to work a maximum of 20 hours a week, according to the visa regulations. They work 4-5 hour shift here and there in their free time, mostly on weekends. Depends on the employer.

Time table for Manchester University for Computer Students

But just because the Tier 4 visa allows them to work a maximum of 20 hours, it doesn’t mean they can. Every university has different rules and regulations when it comes to allowing students to work. Cambridge University doesn’t allow students to work more than 10 hours. But some universities allows you to work the full 20 hours during your term. So, ask that question before you reach there and get a surprise of your life.

During holiday period, you could work full-time, for 40 hours a week and for that you need to take permission from the university stating these are the Easter holidays, or Christmas holidays.

Types of Part-time Work Opportunities

There will be plenty of opportunities for the students, but not most jobs allow you to work 20 hours a week. So some of the top part time jobs in the UK for Indian students or in fact any international students are:

Work on campus

There are many opportunities available for international students as well as domestic students in the cafeteria, computer centre, students’ unions, or some universities take help from international students to promote the university, so they could write blogs for them, and do more social media promotions.


Students could work as a waiter, cashier, or if you have the skills, you could work as a cook as well. But not many restaurants prefer hiring cooks on a part-time basis. The advantage of working as waiter in good restaurants is the tip, which will enhance the part time income.

Call Centres

It’s opportunity for students to enhance their communication skills, while making that extra money. Students who work at call centres usually gets paid better.


Excellent for medical students to gain necessary working experience, but the disadvantage is it’s not paid.

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