Five benefits of working while studying in the UK


Most international countries offer 20 hours of part-time work to ensure students are able to support themselves during their studies. Working while studying is not easy and that is why not many students prefer to do it. But working while studying offers many benefits to students both financially and otherwise.

Five advantages of working while studying

  • More money to explore: Not only will you have more money to pay bills, but you will also have extra savings to enjoy exploring your new home, as well its surrounding countries. The UK’s huge rail network and cheap flights make travel very easy.
  • Increases cash flow: Even if you are getting monthly allowance from family, a little extra money doesn’t hurt anyone. More money for clothes, food and some adventure sports.
  • Teaches money management skills: Money management skills are not learned in school or at home. You will learn the value of a pound, how to save more and areas where you can save. As an adult, simple budgeting and money management skills will prove to be very handy in the future.
  • Develop time management skills: In today’s fast paced work environment, you will learn to meet deadlines and organise your day, fitting in work, study and down time.
  • Work environment preparation: You will get valuable work experience before you enter full-time work. Apart from the degree and knowledge, employers look for valuable international work experience on your CV.

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