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Apply Through UCAS 

UCAS application help for Indian students

As an official UCAS centre, SI-UK will provide you with free, independent advice on how to submit a high-quality UCAS application. There are only five university choices available to students when filling in the application form, as well as over 60,000 courses at nearly 400 different institutions, meaning it is vital you understand the UCAS application process fully and choose the right institutions to apply to. SI-UK will:

2023 UCAS Deadlines

There are many different UCAS application deadlines depending on what course and level you wish to study.

If you are applying to Oxbridge, or for a medicinedentistry or veterinary medicine course, the application deadline is October 15th. For all other undergraduate courses, the deadline is January 25th. If you miss this deadline, do not worry, almost all UK universities accept international applications up to June 30th.


Yes, you can apply to UCAS directly. However, you must ensure that your application is submitted error-free. If you need expert assistance whilst submitting your UCAS application, contact SI-UK India.

You can contact SI-UK, one of the official UCAS centres and we can help you submit your UCAS application.

You will need to pay the UCAS application fee, which is £22 for a single choice or £26.50 for more than one choice.

You can apply to up to five different UK universities via UCAS.

UCAS Extra

If you received no offers from your five UCAS choices or changed your mind about which courses and institutions to apply, UCAS Extra allows you to add another choice to your application. UCAS Extra opens each February and lasts until July. If you still do not have an offer after the July deadline, you can enter UCAS Clearing.

UCAS Clearing

UCAS Clearing is for domestic and international students who are unable to secure an offer from a UK university for three reasons:

Clearing FAQ

Clearing starts on July 5th and ends on October 18th.

Yes, clearing is available to Indian and international students.

Contact your university/college to find out if they have vacancies and how to apply for one. If you don’t meet their entry requirements, it's important that you let them know early on so you can see if there are any spaces available on the appropriate degree. If your course doesn't have any vacancies, you'll need to add a Clearing choice when you apply. You can only add one clearing choice at a time.

Digging into the course details should be your priority rather than grabbing the first offer. While going through the course details, make sure you check the module thoroughly along with comparing course stats such as Student satisfaction scores, graduate employment rates, and average graduate salary. Also, don’t forget to relate the course with your initial choice to ensure it matches your interest.

Link your UCAS application to SI-UK India

SI-UK can track your UCAS application by entering the buzzword ‘UKApplication15’ when applying. Follow these simple steps to link your application to SI-UK.

  1. Register on the UCAS website to be provided with a username and password.
  2. Click ‘Link your application to your school, college or organisation’ and enter the buzzword ‘UKApplication15’ when asked ‘How are you applying?’
  3. When asked ‘Which centre’, enter ‘Study International’. When asked, ‘Is this correct?’, click ‘Yes’.
  4. When requested, verify your email address and ensure your details are correct.
  5. Check the email you received from UCAS and enter the code you are given. Click ‘Verify email’.
  6. Once verified, begin filling in your application.

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