Pre-Departure Guide

UK University Pre-departure Guide

All you need to know before studying in the UK

SI-UK are delighted to help you prepare for a life as a UK university student in a new country, and we hope you can make the most of this tremendous opportunity to learn, grow, and make the world a better place.

We understand the difficulties students face when they first land in the UK and our pre-departure support helps you overcome all of those to make your stay in the UK a pleasant one.

Departure Sessions with SI-UK

At a pre-departure session, students about to join UK universities for foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate courses are briefed about all the do’s and don’ts, and provided with complete information to help them settle down in a new life.

Pre-departure sessions include information and guidance covering a range of topics from accommodations and flights to healthcare and bank accounts in the UK.

Pre-arrival Guide

  • When should I travel to the UK?
  • Local UK knowledge
  • Currency
  • Accommodation
  • Flights
  • Visa applications
  • Insurance
  • What to expect from the UK weather
  • Important documents checklist
  • Essential items to pack and things to bring
  • Pre-departure checklist

Post-arrival Guide

  • After arriving in the UK: The airport
  • Student discount card
  • Passing through immigration
  • Mobile and phone calling cards
  • Travelling to the university via taxi/coach/train
  • Part-time employment
  • Biometric Residence Permit
  • Cost of living
  • Opening a bank account
  • Do’s and Don'ts in the UK
  • Transferring money from India to the UK
  • Entrepreneur (Graduate) Visa
  • Healthcare in the UK
  • Emergency contact numbers
  • Registering with a doctor
  • Adapting to local culture
  • Important contact information
  • University support services

Studying in the UK

I had a very great experience right from the start to finish; All the staff were really great and very helpful. I recommend SI-UK for all students who are planning to study in the UK.

Anuradha Venkatesh Msc Energy Management, University of Stirling

  • Study at University of Warwick
  • Study at University of Edinburgh
  • Study at University of Leeds
  • Study at University of Sheffield
  • Study at University of Glasgow
  • Study at University of Bristol
  • Study at University of Liverpool
  • Study at University of UCL Institute of Education
  • Study at University of Nottingham
  • Study at University of Manchester
  • Study at University of kings college
  • Study at University of London School of Economics