Clearing at City, University of London

City, University of London is a special place. We are committed to academic excellence focused on business and the professions and offer the academic, employment, cultural, sporting and social opportunities you would expect from a prestigious university in a major world city.

City is in the top 15 in the UK for graduate prospects (The Times and Sunday Times University League Table) and 27th in the UK in the (Times Higher Education) ‘Table of Tables’ alongside leading Russell Group universities.

City, University of London Courses

  Level Course  
1.FoundationAccounting and Finance (Foundation)
2.FoundationBusiness Management (Foundation)
3.FoundationCivil Engineering Foundation Programme
4.FoundationComputer Science Foundation Programme
5.FoundationElectrical & Electronic Engineering and Biomedical Engineering Foundation
6.FoundationFinance (Foundation)
7.FoundationInternational Foundation Programme
8.FoundationIntroduction to Health Sciences
9.FoundationIntroduction to Optometry
10.FoundationMathematics Foundation Programme
11.FoundationMechanical and Aeronautical Engineering Foundation Programmes
12.Pre-sessionalPre-sessional English
13.UndergraduateAccounting and Finance BSc (Hons)
14.UndergraduateActuarial Science BSc (Hons)
15.UndergraduateAdult Nursing BSc (Hons)
16.UndergraduateAeronautical Engineering BEng (Hons)
17.UndergraduateAeronautical Engineering MEng (Hons)
18.UndergraduateBanking and International Finance BSc (Hons)
19.UndergraduateBiomedical Engineering BEng (Hons)
20.UndergraduateBiomedical Engineering MEng (Hons)
21.UndergraduateBusiness Management BSc (Hons)
22.UndergraduateBusiness Management with Social Purpose BSc (Hons)
23.UndergraduateBusiness Management, Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship BSc (Hons)
24.UndergraduateBusiness with Finance BSc (Hons)
25.UndergraduateBusiness with Marketing BSc (Hons)
26.UndergraduateChildren's Nursing BSc (Hons)
27.UndergraduateCivil Engineering BEng (Hons)
28.UndergraduateCivil Engineering MEng (Hons)
29.UndergraduateComputer Science BSc (Hons)
30.UndergraduateComputer Science MSci (Hons)
31.UndergraduateComputer Science with Cyber Security MSci (Hons)
32.UndergraduateComputer Science with Games Technology BSc (Hons)
33.UndergraduateComputer Science with Games Technology MSci (Hons)
34.UndergraduateCriminology and Psychology BSc (Hons)
35.UndergraduateCriminology and Sociology BSc (Hons)
36.UndergraduateCriminology BSc (Hons)
37.UndergraduateData Analytics and Actuarial Science BSc (Hons)
38.UndergraduateData Science MSci (Hons)
39.UndergraduateEconomics BSc (Hons)
40.UndergraduateEconomics with Accounting BSc (Hons)
41.UndergraduateElectrical and Electronic Engineering BEng (Hons)
42.UndergraduateElectrical and Electronic Engineering MEng (Hons)
43.UndergraduateEngineering BEng (Hons)
44.UndergraduateEngineering MEng (Hons)
45.UndergraduateEnglish BA (Hons)
46.UndergraduateFinance Degree BSc (Hons)
47.UndergraduateFinance with Actuarial Science BSc (Hons)
48.UndergraduateFinancial Economics BSc (Hons)
49.UndergraduateHistory and Politics BA (Hons)
50.UndergraduateHistory BA (Hons)
51.UndergraduateInternational Business BSc (Hons)
52.UndergraduateInternational Political Economy BSc (Hons)
53.UndergraduateInternational Politics and Sociology BSc (Hons)
54.UndergraduateInternational Politics BSc (Hons)
55.UndergraduateJournalism BA (Hons)
56.UndergraduateLaw LLB (Hons)
57.UndergraduateMathematics and Finance BSc (Hons)
58.UndergraduateMathematics BSc (Hons)
59.UndergraduateMathematics with Finance and Economics BSc (Hons)
60.UndergraduateMechanical Engineering BEng (Hons)
61.UndergraduateMechanical Engineering MEng (Hons)
62.UndergraduateMedia, Communications and Sociology BSc (Hons)
63.UndergraduateMental Health Nursing BSc (Hons)
64.UndergraduateMidwifery BSc (Hons)
65.UndergraduateMusic BMus (Hons)
66.UndergraduateMusic, Sound and Technology BSc (Hons)
67.UndergraduateOptometry BSc (Hons)
68.UndergraduatePolitics BSc (Hons)
69.UndergraduatePsychology BSc (Hons)
70.UndergraduateRadiography (Diagnostic Imaging) BSc (Hons)
71.UndergraduateRadiography (Radiotherapy and Oncology) BSc (Hons)
72.UndergraduateSociology BSc (Hons)
73.UndergraduateSociology with Psychology BSc (Hons)
74.UndergraduateSpeech and Language Science BSc (Hons)
75.UndergraduateSpeech and Language Therapy BSc (Hons)
76.PostgraduateActuarial Management MSc
77.PostgraduateActuarial Science MSc
78.PostgraduateAdult Mental Health (Contemporary Studies)
79.PostgraduateBanking and International Finance MSc
80.PostgraduateBusiness Analytics MSc
81.PostgraduateCertificatePostgraduate Certificate in Counselling Psychology
82.PostgraduateCertificateRadiography (Computed Tomography) MSc / Postgrad Diploma / Postgrad Certificate
83.PostgraduateCertificateSpeech, Language and Communication (Advanced Studies)
84.PostgraduateCharity Accounting and Financial Management MSc
85.PostgraduateCharity Marketing and Fundraising MSc
86.PostgraduateChild and Adolescent Mental Health (Contemporary Studies)
87.PostgraduateCivil Litigation and Dispute Resolution
88.PostgraduateClinical Optometry
89.PostgraduateCorporate Finance MSc
90.PostgraduateCreative Writing and Publishing MA
91.PostgraduateCreative Writing MFA
92.PostgraduateCriminal Litigation
93.PostgraduateDiploma Bar Vocational Studies (Two-part)
94.PostgraduateDiplomaMidwifery (90-week shortened programme for nurses) Postgrad Diploma
95.PostgraduateDiplomaPrimary Care (Practice Nursing) BSc (Hons) / MSc / Postgrad Diploma / Graduate Diploma
96.PostgraduateDiplomaPublic Health (District Nursing, Health Visiting or School Nursing) BSc (Hons) / MSc / Postgrad Diploma / Graduate Diploma
97.PostgraduateEnergy, Trade and Finance MSc
98.PostgraduateEnhanced Midwifery Care
99.PostgraduateEntrepreneurship MSc
100.PostgraduateEuropean Law
101.PostgraduateEvening Executive MBA Programme in London
102.PostgraduateExecutive Master's in Medical Leadership
103.PostgraduateFinance MSc
104.PostgraduateFinancial Mathematics MSc
105.PostgraduateGlobal MBA
106.PostgraduateGlobal Supply Chain Management MSc
107.PostgraduateGraduate Diploma in Law GDL
108.PostgraduateGraduate Entry LLB GE LLB
109.PostgraduateGrantmaking, Philanthropy and Social Investment MSc
110.PostgraduateHealth Economics MSc
111.PostgraduateHealth Management
112.PostgraduateHealth Policy
113.PostgraduateHuman-Computer Interaction Design MSc
114.PostgraduateInformation Science MSc
115.PostgraduateInnovation and Entrepreneurship in Healthcare Technology MSc
116.PostgraduateInnovation, Creativity and Leadership MSc; MA; MInnov
117.PostgraduateInsurance and Risk Management MSc
118.PostgraduateInternational Accounting and Finance MSc
119.PostgraduateInternational Banking and Finance Law
120.PostgraduateInternational Business MSc
121.PostgraduateInternational Commercial Law
122.PostgraduateInternational Competition Law
123.PostgraduateInternational Dispute Resolution
124.PostgraduateInternational Economic Law
125.PostgraduateInternational Energy Law and Regulation
126.PostgraduateInternational Human Rights
127.PostgraduateInternational Litigation and Dispute Resolution
128.PostgraduateInternational Publishing MA
129.PostgraduateInternet of Things with Entrepreneurship MSc
130.PostgraduateInvestigative Journalism MA
131.PostgraduateInvestment Management MSc
133.PostgraduateLeading Integrated Care MSc
134.PostgraduateLegal Practice Course Postgrad Diploma
135.PostgraduateLegal Practice LLM
136.PostgraduateLibrary Science MSc
137.PostgraduateLLM International Business Law (distance learning)
138.PostgraduateMA Broadcast Journalism
139.PostgraduateMA Creative Writing
140.PostgraduateMA Culture, Policy and Management
141.PostgraduateMA Data Journalism
142.PostgraduateMA Diplomacy and Foreign Policy
143.PostgraduateMA English
144.PostgraduateMA Financial Journalism
145.PostgraduateMA Global Creative Industries
146.PostgraduateMA Global Political Economy
147.PostgraduateMA International Communications and Development
148.PostgraduateMA International Journalism
149.PostgraduateMA International Politics
150.PostgraduateMA International Politics and Human Rights
151.PostgraduateMA Music by Research
152.PostgraduateMA Newspaper Journalism
153.PostgraduateMagazine Journalism MA
154.PostgraduateMAInteractive Journalism MA
155.PostgraduateManagement MSc
156.PostgraduateMaritime Law
157.PostgraduateMaritime Law (Dubai) LLM
158.PostgraduateMaritime Law (Greece) LLM
159.PostgraduateMaritime Operations and Management in Greece MSc
160.PostgraduateMaritime Operations and Management MSc
161.PostgraduateMaritime Safety and Security Management MSc
162.PostgraduateMarketing Strategy and Innovation MSc
163.PostgraduateMathematical Trading and Finance MSc
164.PostgraduateMedia and Communications MA
165.PostgraduateMedical Ultrasound MSc / Postgrad Diploma / Postgrad Certificate
166.PostgraduateMental Health Nursing (pre-registration) MSc
167.PostgraduateModular Executive MBA Programme in London
168.PostgraduateMSc Adult and Mental Health Nursing (pre-registration)
169.PostgraduateMSc Adult Nursing (pre-registration)
170.PostgraduateMSc Advanced Clinical Practice
171.PostgraduateMSc Advanced Mechanical Engineering
172.PostgraduateMSc Air Safety Management
173.PostgraduateMSc Air Transport Management
174.PostgraduateMSc Aircraft Maintenance Management
175.PostgraduateMSc Airport Management
176.PostgraduateMSc Artificial Intelligence
177.PostgraduateMSc Behavioural Economics
178.PostgraduateMSc Business Economics / International Business Economics
179.PostgraduateMSc Business Systems Analysis and Design
180.PostgraduateMSc Children's Nursing (pre-registration)
181.PostgraduateMSc Civil Engineering Structures
182.PostgraduateMSc Civil Engineering Structures (Nuclear Power Plants)
183.PostgraduateMSc Clinical, Social and Cognitive Neuroscience
184.PostgraduateMSc Computer Games Technology
185.PostgraduateMSc Construction Management
186.PostgraduateMSc Criminology and Criminal Justice
187.PostgraduateMSc Cyber Security
188.PostgraduateMSc Data Science
189.PostgraduateMSc Data Science Apprenticeship
190.PostgraduateMSc Development Economics
191.PostgraduateMSc Economic Evaluation in Health Care
192.PostgraduateMSc Economics
193.PostgraduateMSc Energy and Environmental Technology and Economics
194.PostgraduateMSc Financial Economics
195.PostgraduateMSc Food Policy
196.PostgraduateMSc in Global Finance (online)
197.PostgraduateMSc Software Engineering
198.PostgraduateNGO Management MSc
199.PostgraduateOrganisational Psychology MSc
200.PostgraduateProfessional Advocacy
201.PostgraduateProfessional Doctorate in Counselling Psychology DPsych
202.PostgraduateProfessional Legal Skills LLM
203.PostgraduateProfessional Practice MSc / Postgrad Certificate
204.PostgraduateProject Management, Finance and Risk MSc
205.PostgraduatePublic Health MPH
206.PostgraduatePublic International Law
207.PostgraduatePublishing MA
208.PostgraduateQuantitative Finance MSc
209.PostgraduateRadiography (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) MSc / Postgrad Diploma / Postgrad Certificate
210.PostgraduateReal Estate Investment MSc
211.PostgraduateReal Estate MSc
212.PostgraduateRenewable Energy and Power Systems Management MSc
213.PostgraduateResearch Methods MSc
214.PostgraduateResearch Methods with Psychology MSc
215.PostgraduateShipping, Trade and Finance MSc
216.PostgraduateSpeech and Language Therapy MSc
217.PostgraduateTelevision Journalism MA
218.PostgraduateTemporary Works and Construction Method Engineering MSc
219.PostgraduateVoluntary Sector Management MSc; Postgrad Diploma
220.ResearchExecutive PhD
221.ResearchHealth Sciences PhD / MPhil
222.ResearchInternational Politics PhD / MPhil
223.ResearchMPhil Civil Engineering PhD / MPhil
224.ResearchMPhil Computer Science PhD / MPhil
225.ResearchMPhil Culture and Creative Industries PhD / MPhil
226.ResearchMPhil Economics PhD / MPhil
227.ResearchMPhil Electrical and Electronic Engineering PhD / MPhil
228.ResearchMPhil English PhD / MPhil
229.ResearchMPhil Food Policy PhD / MPhil
230.ResearchMPhil Journalism PhD / MPhil
231.ResearchMPhil Law PhD / MPhil
232.ResearchMPhil Library and Information Science PhD / MPhil
233.ResearchMPhil Mathematics PhD / MPhil
234.ResearchMPhil Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics PhD / MPhil
235.ResearchMPhil Music PhD / MPhil
236.ResearchMPhil Psychology PhD / MPhil
237.ResearchPhD in Accounting
238.ResearchPhD in Actuarial Science
239.ResearchPhD in Finance UK
240.ResearchPhD in Management, Marketing and Operations Management
241.ResearchProfessional Education PhD / MPhil
242.ResearchSociology (including Criminology, and Media and Communication) PhD / MPhil

Studying in the UK

 I sincerely thank SI-UK for getting me accepted to UCL. The MSc in Urban Development and Planning is extremely competitive, but the right guidance provided by SI-UK made my dream of studying at University College London a reality. The services were exceptional from beginning to end.  

Rashmi Lakshanya Urban Development and Planning at University College London

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