Moreton Hall (Girls)
Moreton Hall (Girls)


Moreton Hall (Girls) Location

Oswestry, Shropshire

Moreton Hall (Girls)Moreton Hall (Girls)






Northern England

Key Information
Location Oswestry, Shropshire
Address Weston Rhyn, Oswestry, Shropshire, SY11 3EW
Closest Airport Manchester
Number of Pupils 315
Head Teacher Mr Jonathan Forster
Tuition Fees Boarders:
£6,320 per term (Moreton First)
£9,560 per term (Years 7 and 8)
£10,100 per term (Years 9-13) Day Girls:
£2,750 – £3,870 per term (Moreton First)
£7,420 per term (Years 7 and 8)
£8,030 per term (Years 9-13)

Who will Moreton Hall suit?

Parents and students looking for a traditionally British education as only 10% of the 270 boarders are from international destinations. A further 10% of the school population are day pupils. The school runs an International Study Centre on the same site, offering preparation courses for GCSE and A-Level candidates, as well as induction courses for their parents.


Most move on to top UK universities, including Oxford and Cambridge.  In addition to those pursuing the sciences, a strong business-orientation is encouraged with an Enterprise Centre run by the girls, reaching commercial standards. Watch out for women in top positions putting Moreton Hall alumni on their CV.

Settling-In at Moreton Hall

Care is taken to ensure that candidates quickly lift their academic studies to the appropriate level – they need to be able to demonstrate an ability to cope well with the English language and academic work. For those who require more assistance, the co-ed International Study Centre is recommended. Girls can join academic classes from the Study Centre and the boys there are helped to prepare for other UK schools. The plan is shortly to double capacity to over 40 pupils.

Scholarship Opportunities at Moreton Hall (Girls)

Moreton’s scholarships are designed to attract students with significant talents and potential across a broad range of fields. Scholarships are available to girls at 11+, 13+ and 16+ and are worth 10% of fees throughout the student’s education at Moreton.
Students may apply for more than one scholarship

ASIS View of Moreton Hall (Girls)

The only all-girls school in the ASIS Federation, Moreton Hall regularly achieves league-table positions in the top 50 of all UK schools. Its Headmaster is a strong advocate of single-sex education and the school recently celebrated its 100th anniversary, one of the few remaining all-girls UK schools to do so. Around 60% of the girls at A-level, study the sciences. Considerable investment on their glorious country site has provided them with outstanding study facilities.

Interested in this School?

I had a very great experience right from the start to finish; All the staff were really great and very helpful. I recommend SI-UK for all students who are planning to study in the UK.

Anuradha Venkatesh Msc Energy Management, University of Stirling

  • Study at University of Warwick
  • Study at University of Edinburgh
  • Study at University of Leeds
  • Study at University of Sheffield
  • Study at University of Glasgow
  • Study at University of Bristol
  • Study at University of Liverpool
  • Study at University of UCL Institute of Education
  • Study at University of Nottingham
  • Study at University of Manchester
  • Study at University of kings college
  • Study at University of London School of Economics
  • Study at University of Birmingham