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University of Bedfordshire Launches 2-Year Master’s Degree

5 June 2019

The University of Bedfordshire has launched a number of 2-year postgraduate degree programmes in Project Management and Data Analytics for international students in 2019/20. The new 2-year Master’s courses will be worth a total of 260 credits. They will consist of 120 taught credits that currently forms the corresponding 1 year Master’s course, two additional 60 credit units, plus Personal Professional Development and a Project write-up, which will be an additional 10 credits each.

Both Data Analytics and Project Management are becoming increasingly important in businesses and industry. These courses will have the added value of a strong focus on continuing professional development running throughout. The new courses offered include:

  • MBA Business Administration with Data Analytics
  • MSc International Business with Data Analytics
  • MSc Accounting & Business Finance with Data Analytics
  • MSc Project Management with Data Analytics
  • MSc Purchasing Logistics & Supply Chain Management with Data Analytics
  • MA Art & Design with Project Management
  • MA Art & Design with Data Analytics
  • MSc Applied Computing & Information Technology with Project Management
  • MSc Computer Networking with Project Management
  • MSc Computer Science with Project Management
  • MSc Computer Security & Forensics with Project Management
  • MSc Cyber Security with Project Management
  • MSc Electronic Engineering with Project Management
  • MSc Sensors & Smart Cities with Project Management
  • MSc Software Engineering & Applications with Project Management
  • MA International Journalism with Project Management
  • MA International Journalism with Data Analytics
  • MA Mass Communications with Project Management
  • MA Mass Communications with Data Analytics
  • MSc Biotechnology with Project Management
  • MSc Biotechnology with Data Analytics
  • MSc Pharmacology with Project Management
  • MSc Pharmacology with Data Analytics

Project Management courses will cover modules including Project Management; and Leading and Managing Organisational Resources. Courses with Data Analytics will cover Data Modelling, Management and Governance; and Network Systems and Administration.

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