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New Masters Courses in Artificial Intelligence at UK Universities

22 June 2020

A growing need has been observed for skilled AI professionals with diversity in the workforce to meet the industry demand. A sector deal between the government and the Artificial Intelligence sector estimates a 70% increase in demand by 2020 for such highly trained Artificial Intelligence and Data Science graduates. To meet the demand many UK universities have launched new courses in AI for the September 2020 intake including:

  1. MSc Artificial Intelligence at University of Surrey
  2. MSc Artificial Intelligence and Data Science at Keele University 

The University of Surrey offers the MSc Artificial Intelligence as a 1-year full-time degree and it is the only course of its kind in the UK. It covers the three most important aspects of AI, that is vision, speech and 5G while each of these elements are backed up by a world-leading research group at Surrey. The course also encompasses the business, regulation and ethics aspects of modern AI. Students will gain experience with cutting-edge tools such as Deep Neural Networks (DNN), Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN) and Deep Reinforcement Learning (Deep RL), through regular hands-on exercises and practical labs.

MSc Artificial Intelligence and Data Science at Keele University is designed from the employer as well as student perspective. This course provides a foundation of areas such as mathematics and programming and is therefore suitable for students from STEM and Non-STEM backgrounds without prior experience. It helps to gradually develop professional interdisciplinary skills in machine learning, data analytics, visualisation, cloud computing, the “Internet of Things” and intelligent systems.

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Universities featured in this article:

  • University of Surrey
  • Keele University

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