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Data Scientists are in demand

More and more global organisations are making data driven predictions and decisions. According to the global big data market is set to grow to 103 billion dollars by 2027. As a data scientist, your employment prospects are outstanding and your potential earnings are significant.

Lancaster University’s MSc Data Science programme has been designed in conjunction with industry partners to ensure that graduates are equipped with the advanced skills to achieve a successful career in ‘big data’. We have already launched the career of hundreds of graduates.

What you will learn

Our programme is unique in its deliberate focus on multidisciplinary learning. Effective data science requires skills drawn from a range of disciplines. You will learn core skills in the first term, and the second and third terms allow you to shape the degree according to your interests and background.

We have developed pathways in areas where data scientists are in demand, and you can tailor your optional modules to one of the following pathways:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Health
  • Environmental
  • Societal
  • Computing
Industry placement and programme of activities

Students benefit from our 12-week sponsored placement at one of our industry partners where you will work on a project specified by the host company.

Student Ioannis Tsalamanis enjoyed his time at Uniper Energy and gained an understanding of the significance of the role of the data scientist.

“The opportunity for a summer placement was one of the things that caught my eye on Lancaster’s syllabus and it convinced me to accept the place that was offered to me.

“Once I had accepted Uniper’s offer, we discussed a rough outline of the project tasks and specifications. My academic supervisor was there to ensure that the goals were feasible for the duration of the placement and relevant to the scope of the course.

“Having spent almost 6 weeks at the company’s offices in Nottingham, I was convinced that I made the right project decision. It was very interesting to work on renewable energy technologies and modelling the wind wake effects on large wind farms is a very important factor for predicting and optimising the power output of onshore or offshore wind farms.

“The collaboration with the team was great and I felt a valuable member of the team.

“Reaching the completion of the placement, the outcome of the project was discussed with the company team and there was an opportunity to understand the role of this outcome to the company’s future plans. Personally, the placement provided a transition from the academic environment to the industrial environment and gave me the opportunity to prepare for the job interviews that came afterwards.”

Our business partners also provide guest lectures where they will speak to you about the challenges they have faced in using data science technologies and the solutions they have developed.

If your future lies in data science, and you are prepared to work hard to achieve success, then take the next step by joining us in 2022.