Politics study in the UK

Politics in the UK

Politics courses in the UK

Introduction to Politics

A degree in Politics provides a major basis for careers in law, public administration, corporate and current affairs, and journalism, as well as graduate study in the field. Politics programmes include some of the following modules based in the area of Political study:

  • International relations
  • Sociology
  • Social Policy
  • Law
  • Philosophy
  • Economics
  • History
  • Society
  • Human Rights

If you wish to gain a greater understanding of the key dynamics of different political systems around the world, how governments deal with crisis, debt and human rights, then a degree in Politics is the course for you. Your teaching will be based around lectures, seminars, group-work and a final dissertation. Politics is a fantastic area for those who wish to go into postgraduate study in a number of areas.

Careers in Politics

You can work with local and national government, councils, and a wide range of other professions such as the banking sector, media and international charities. Entry level jobs upon graduation can be found as a political assistant, researcher in government and in the civil service.

Your experience studying Politics can also be applied to other roles, such as working within the media in print or online, the charity sector or local government. Fluency in a number of languages can be of a huge help in gaining employment, and as an international student this will be extremely beneficial to future career plans.

What are the entry requirements for Politics?

For international students wishing to study Politics at undergraduate level, an IELTS score of no less than 6.5 across all four categories - reading, writing, speaking and listening – with an overall 7.0 score generally required at most universities.

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Where can I study Politics in the UK?

To learn more about some of the best Politics universities in the UK, please find details on the top ten ranking Politics universities:

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