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Design & Crafts in the UK

Career options, entry requirements and rankings for Design & Crafts.

UK Design & Craft Courses

Introduction to Design & Crafts

Studying a Design & Crafts course at a UK university will encompass many different areas of both traditional and cutting edge techniques used to design and create objects. Students will use 3D printing, traditional hand design and digital manipulation with a variety of materials such as clay, plastic, wood and much more to craft items. Many universities offer dedicated studio space to students.

Courses encompass studio practice, drawing and design, design for clients, external projects, while theory can also be a large part of study.

Careers in Design & Crafts

Design & Craft graduates are employed as illustrators, graphic designers, interior designers and website designers. They work in multimedia, publishing, advertising, museums and galleries, fashion, and the film industry.

What are the entry requirements for Design and Crafts?

Most courses do not specify what you should have studied at school, but some insist on achievement in an art or design related subject, and studying one of those subjects until leaving school will stand you in good stead. A personal portfolio of drawings and documents that represent your design work and show you are unique, creative and imaginative is a must. You do not need to provide all your work, just a representative collection. Sketchbooks and samples to show how your ideas developed into your final pieces, can be included.

For international students wishing to study Design & Crafts at undergraduate level, an IELTS score of no less than 5.5 across all four categories - reading, writing, speaking and listening – with an overall 6.0 score is generally required at most universities.

At postgraduate level, an undergraduate degree or equivalent is needed and an IELTS score of no less than 5.5 across all four categories - reading, writing, speaking and listening – with an overall 6.5 score generally required.

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Where can I study Design & Crafts in the UK?

To learn more about some of the best Design & Crafts universities in the UK, please find details on the top ten ranking Design & Crafts universities:

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