Oxbridge Postgraduate Service

Oxbridge Postgraduate Service

Oxbridge Postgraduate Service

Postgraduate Oxbridge Applications

SI-UK will assist you with your applications to all the universities listed below – for one application you will be charged Rs. 15000/- and for up to five you will be charged Rs. 31000/-. If you would like to apply to any additional universities within the Oxbridge group, you will be charged Rs. 15000/- for each additional application.

Which universities are included?

Your Oxbridge Application

Under the Oxbridge Postgraduate Service, SI-UK will do the following to maximise your chances of success:

  • Pre-screen your transcripts and confirm you are eligible to apply
  • Advise on which course to apply for
  • Provide a check list of documents required by the university
  • Advice on how to draft a powerful personal statement
  • Edit all supporting documents including your personal statement, CV, reference letters and any supplementary written work
  • Fill in your university application form
  • Conduct a non-subject-specific practice interview session and produce a written feedback report
  • Advice on selection of Oxford and Cambridge Colleges
  • Confirm receipt of the application by the university

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