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BPTC Pro Bono Award
Scholarship Name BPTC Pro Bono Award
Scholarship amount up to £5,000
Nationality Any
Scholarship Deadline 1 March 2018

Awarded by BPP University Law School

This award is aimed at students who can demonstrate an exceptional commitment to pro bono work, or a dedication to educating and developing potential in those who may otherwise be excluded from a legal career.




  • Submissions on application form demonstrating:
  • Commitment demonstrated to pro bono projects which assist members of society with their legal needs; and/or
  • Commitment demonstrated to educate and develop potential in those who might otherwise be excluded from a legal career

Terms and conditions

  • The award will be by way of a fee reduction, and is therefore only redeemable by enrolling on the BPTC.
  • We allow students to compete for more than one BPP award, but no student will be awarded more than £5,000 in total.  
  • We do not take account of any external or non-BPP awards (e.g. Inns scholarships).
  • Students who hold an existing bursary award from BPP may apply for a scholarship to receive a named award and to increase the amount (i.e. the named award would replace the bursary if successful).





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