Scholarships worth £7,500 at The York Management School

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Scholarships worth £7,500 at The York Management School

11 May 2016

The York School of Management which is part of the University of York is one of the most popular departments of the university. Applicants must write a 400-word statement on why they are applying for the course they wish to study, what special attributes or experience they bring to the course, why they deserve financial assistance, and how they will contribute to society having completed a York Master's degree.


  • MA in Management
  • MA in Human Resource Management
  • MSc in Accounting and Financial Management
  • MSc in International Business and Strategic Management
  • MSc in Management with Business Finance
  • MSc in Global Marketing

Reward: £7,500 x 2
Deadline: 1st July 2016

To apply for this scholarship, arrange a free consultation with SI-UK.

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  • Study at Kent
  • Study at Oxford
  • Study at UEA
  • Study at LSE
  • Study at Kings
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