Loughborough University: Most popular among students for 2016

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Loughborough University: Most popular among students for 2016

18 December 2015

Recently named ‘University of the Year’, known for its world-class sports facilities; Loughborough University is also the most popular destination among students, according to a survey.

When submitting a university application at UCAS, students can choose five universities where they want to study and most likely get an offer from, and Loughborough is the favourite among students as their first preference.

More than 8,100 students who have applied for undergradution have kept Loughborough as their first preference followed by University of Leeds, University of Manchester, University of Nottingham, and University of Surrey, the top five preferences.

Applicants need to submit their latest by UCAS form by 6 PM, 15th January 2016, to be considered for admission.

To know more about the Loughborough University and filling your UCAS application, arrange a free consultation with your nearest SI-UK office in Delhi, Bangalore, and Chennai.  

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