Kingston University offering 12 month work placement

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Kingston University offering 12 month work placement

7 March 2017

Kingston University has been allocated 15 Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur) visa endorsements to be allocated between 6 April 2016 until 5 April 2017. A Tier 1 visa allows students to stay in the UK For up to two years while setting up their own business.

Kingston University is the number one university in the UK for graduate start-ups and conducts entrepreneur workshops every two weeks on topics such as 'How to write a business plan' or 'Marketing strategy for SMEs'. These workshops are open to all students.

12-month work placement option

Students of the following postgraduate courses can apply for a 12-month work placement option:

  • Business

  • Law

  • Science

  • Engineering

  • Computing

  • Journalism

  • English Literature

  • History

  • Creative Writing

  • Fine Art & Design

How does it work?

The 12-month work placement happens after the taught portion of your degree (12 months study + 12 months work = 24 months in total). Before applying for the course, students need to apply for a postgraduate programme with ‘work placement’. If a student changes their mind and doesn’t wish to do the placement, the student is free to return home.

For more information about the Kingston University and programmes with work placement options, feel free to send us an email at: or arrange a free consultation.

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