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Huddersfield University At SIUK Delhi

23 April 2015
11:00 - 12:30
SI-UK Delhi Office
Representative: Dr Annie Yeadon-Lee

The university offers a ‘Meet and Greet’ service for students arriving at Manchester International Airport, including transport to Huddersfield. To help international students settle in there is a programme of events that will enable them to enrol with the university, register with all the necessary authorities, meet other new students, find out more about their course, and become familiar with the campus and town. There is an orientation event, which is an informal meeting where new international students can meet in a relaxed environment. It is also an opportunity to ask university support staff any questions which may have arisen during enrolment.

Huddersfield is a great place for students who love the theatre... or for those who have never been and fancy seeing what all the fuss is about. Huddersfield has its own theatre, the Lawrence Batley and there are a number of other theatres within easy travelling distance which all provide their own unique experience. So whether you are a regular theatre goer or a complete novice, Huddersfield is a great place to give it a go!

Students who are interested in studying at this university should contact the SI-UK Delhi office to reserve a 20 minute private interview with the University Representative. Please bring any supporting documents with you.Our contact details are: 0091 011 4202-8200; Email: We are looking forward to seeing you.

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