Top graduate IT jobs for 2017


A study recently carried out by Careercast looked at the best jobs of 2016, and IT professionals dominated the findings.

The study looked at emotional factors consisting of competitiveness, degree of hazard faced, degree of public contact, and degree of peril faced by others working alongside, while physical factors focused on physical demands, work conditions, stamina required, degree of confinement, and necessary energy component. When the numbers were added up, careers in the IT industry stood out.

Top jobs for IT graduates

Data Scientist (16% growth)

A data scientist uses large amount of data, structures it using mathematics, programming and statistics, to make sense of it. Industries such as finance, marketing and retail are just three of the main sectors which require skilled data scientists.

Information Security Analyst (18% growth)

Information security analysts protect the data of an organisation. A bachelor’s degree in computers or a master’s degree in IT security is generally required for a job as an information security analyst, and graduates find employment at a range of companies looking to secure their networks.

System Analyst (21% growth)

A system analyst looks at how a company can run more efficiently with the tools at their disposal. Problem solving and critical thinking are keys skills required to become successful as you analyse and implement new technologies.

Software Engineer (17% growth)

As modern computer systems in large business become more complex, requiring constant care and attention, the importance of qualified software engineers is vital to the smooth running of global operations. Software engineers develop, maintain, evaluate and test software.

Network & Computer System Administrator (8% growth)

A network and computer system administrator is responsible for the daily operations of computer systems, and is therefore required in almost every industry and every company.

Top IT jobs 2017 - Networking

Web Developer (27% growth)

Web developers are responsible for the creation, look, feel, and function of websites. This includes developing mobile and web applications, implementing SEO techniques and learning how to prevent hackers attacking your website.

Top IT jobs 2017 - Web Developer

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