Is it financially worth doing MBA in UK for an Indian student


The actual question asked was: Is it financially worth doing MBA in UK for a middle-class Indian who is going to come back and work in India? Since the title question was too long, I couldn’t make it the title.


So, is it financially worth doing it? Well, of course. There is more than one benefit of studying in the UK. The international exposure, and studying in a diverse country adds a lot more to a student’s personality than they realise. Studies have confirmed how diversity on campus helps in the cognitive development of a student.

The MBA studies in UK universities is more inclined towards preparing students for the international work environment, and the MBA degree is globally recognized which makes it easier for graduates to grab job opportunities abroad.

Why IIM’s are not for everyone?

Apart from high tuition fees of the Indian Institute of Management’s and other top B-schools in India, they aren’t well ranked on the global scale, except for IIM-Ahmedabad, IIM-Bangalore, and ISB; and also, the entrance criteria is ridiculosity high, making it impossible for an average student, or even an above average student to grab a seat in the IIM’s, which are also limited by numbers.

Entree standards are high in top UK B-schools as well, but students who’ve scored decent marks in their graduation and score well in GMAT gets a fair opportunity to get a high-quality education. The average score required for GMAT in top UK universities is a well balanced 700, and the range for the GMAT score for top B-schools in the UK is between 600-780. But there’s no minimum score for the GMAT; students with GMAT score of 530 or closer were also accepted in the year 2011.

Since most India B-schools accept GMAT score, students prefer GMAT as it also gives them the option to apply to universities abroad even though it costs $250 i.e. approximately 16,450 INR.

CAT on the other hand is very affordable, but limited to Indian universities only and costs 1600 INR for General Category students, so students who prepare for GMAT also give CAT exam as the syllabus for both is similar.


Affordability is a major concern for Indian students, especially from the middle-class families who take education loans to finance their studies. Well, IIM’s, MDI also burn a huge hole in the pocket. The fees ranges from 20Lac-24Lac, for a two-year course. FMS, Delhi is the most affordable top college in India for MBA, but only 200 students can get a seat in FMS and out of those 101 is for General category, 54 for OBC, 30 SC, 15 ST; good luck with that. That is where the UK universities have an advantage over the Indian universities, that there is no limit to the number of students.

The graduate salaries for the IIM’s is also high, and the return of investment is better if students prefer to work in India as well, but the salaries are still close to half compared to students from top B-schools who grab jobs in the UK.

Advice for Average Student

The above information works well for the top 5-10% students, what about the rest, average students who have secured 60-80% in class 10th and 12th, and average GMAT score of 550, what about them?

For those seeking master’s in business, either have the option to study in an average university in India, where the student can get an MBA degree but not much knowledge because of the lack of quality professors, or they can pursue a degree in more than a good university abroad. For which UK and US are the most famous destinations for Indian students.

The fees in the top MBA colleges in the UK can go as high as 70 lakhs for London Business School, and vary from 20-40 lakhs for other Business Schools, but the return of investment is equally high as well. There are low-cost MBA options as well, which can cost a student 8-15 lakhs with high-quality education and international exposure. Even if the student decided to come back to India, the students can fetch a high graduate salary in India as well, which would rarely happen for graduates from average Indian universities.

To study in the UK, arrange a free consultation and check out the other UK universities for MBA as well.

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  • V.S.RAO February 24, 2017 on 4:17 pm


  • Yash April 21, 2017 on 10:25 pm

    Can I get admitted to a business school for MBA after my bachelor’s in engineering from India?

  • Shikhar June 16, 2017 on 12:05 am

    Sir,I am a engg. ) Student.
    I want to do MBA from top universities of uk & us..For getting better opportunity nd good business skill..
    But my english language is poor…What should I do ?

    • Abhineet Shukla Shikhar June 16, 2017 on 11:24 am

      Dear Shikhar

      Great to know that you are looking for MBA from UK or USA universities. For doing MBA from USA you need to crack GMAT or GRE scores plus a TOEFL or IELTS score. The top universities need good scores in these exams. Whereas in the UK, you need to have only good IELTS score for most of the Universities except a few which require GRE/GMAT.

      So English is a primary requirement for doing MBA abroad. It is not the primary language for India so we all have huge scope of improving our English skills at any point of time, which I am sure you can. Put some extra efforts and that is all that you need.

  • Sharath June 23, 2017 on 11:23 am

    Sir ,Do we get any preference in employment, if we have done an mba from uk and come back to India? I am just graduated. I want to pursue an mba from a middle ranked university.

  • Jagadesh June 25, 2017 on 2:19 pm

    Is work experience necessary for doing mba in abroad?

  • Pranali July 1, 2017 on 3:38 pm

    Sir , I am a BBA student from india. And I want to apply for MBA in UK but would later like to work in India only so will it be beneficial for me ? Or should I go with Indian B-schools only ?

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  • Ankit Goswami July 9, 2017 on 11:49 am

    It is absolutely brilliant

  • Priya July 11, 2017 on 10:11 am

    Sir, I want to pursue MBA from the UK, but most of the people say that there less job opportunities since it has the shrinking economy. What the scenerio is?!

  • Sanjana sanehi July 23, 2017 on 11:53 am

    I just got admission in English Hons in Delhi university and I am looking forward to pursue MBA from UK or US. Am I eligible for pursuing MBA after graduating. Also with field would be more beneficial for me

    • Gagandeep Kundi Sanjana sanehi July 24, 2017 on 5:08 pm

      Only a limited universities will take you for an MBA, it’s best to go an MBA with 2-3 years of work experience. I would rather recommend going for MSc Management if you’re interested in the business side of things.