SI-UK Student Testimonials

SI-UK Student Testimonials

Find out what students who used our services
have to say about SI-UK.

Student Testimonials

SI-UK has helped thousands of Indian students to study in UK by placing them in a UK university of their choice. Our services ensure that they have the best possible chance of entering their preferred higher education institution in the UK and the testimonials below are some examples of their success:

Harshani Periera (Sri Lanka), SI-UK Delhi

MA Interior Design, University for the Creative Arts

The best part of SI-UK's support was the knowledgeable staff who helped me pick which was the right university for me. My counsellor provided me with information of each university's environment, professors, cost, etc. I was able to choose a university according to my preferences and costs, and I am now very happy and excited to study in the U.K. They did the best.

Stephan Connell (USA), SI-UK Delhi

LLB, BPP University

The advice given by my counsellor was helpful because she guided me to make an informed decision about my course of study and what university would be best for me to achieve my academic goals. I will definitely recommend SI-UK to my friends due to the fact that this organisation is genuinely dedicated to aid international students in their choice of study along with a university that will be best to study.

Oscar Lizarazo (Colombia), SI-UK Delhi

MSc Software Engineering, City, University of London

SI-UK offered an excellent service by high level professionals. I would recommend SI-UK to friends. They offer great one to one advice and and great personal statement help. Their professionalism and cordiality would benefit anyone looking for a course in the UK.

Carla Termini (Spanish), SI-UK Delhi

International Business Economics, City, University of London

SI-UK's service is fast, reliable and efficient. I didn't have to worry about anything with my application at all. They advised me on which university is best for my study and send you lots of helpful information. I was worried about making mistakes, but my counsellors helped me out with everything the university desired.

Jaime Andres Rendon (Colombia), SI-UK Delhi

Advertising and Marketing Communications with Language, University of Greenwich

I managed to enter my top choice university with clear and helpful advice. My counsellor was helpful because there is a lot of qualification methods which can be overwhelming. It is the best and clearest counselling if you need assistance being accepted to a UK university.

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  • Study at University of Oxford
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