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SI-UK India Student Testimonials

SI-UK has placed thousands of international students interested in Study in UK universities. Our services ensure that they have the best possible chance of entering their chosen university and institution and below are some feedback and testimonials which are examples of their success:

Lekshmi Krishna Padmakumar Shylatha, Biomedical science

SI-UK Delhi, University of Roehampton, September 2016

The service was great and I am very happy with the outcome. Yes, i got admission at the university which i had chosen. My counsellor always gave me updates about my UCAS application and she helped me from the beginning till end. I gave a good review about SI-UK to all my friends and family members who all are planning to come for studies in UK. Sakhi’s advice was always helpful to me, she was patient and friendly, she helped me to improve the quality of my application in its best way.

G Akash Patil, LLB Hons, Law

SI-UK Bangalore, University Of Kent, September 2016

A perfect place to clear your doubts and solve your problems and to make your application perfect hassle free in order to join university of your choice in UK. Yes, I have managed to enter the University of my Choice. The advice given by the counsellor was precise and very helpful. Yes, I recommend SI-UK to my friends as the council has wide range of knowledge about universities in UK, how to apply to them and how to complete other formalities, they even provide suggestions on sop(statement of purpose). SI-UK Bangalore also helps with visa applications. I don’t have any suggestions but I would like to thank SI-UK and its team for helping me out in choosing a perfect university.

Carrerie Fernandes, BSc Psychology

SI-UK Delhi, University of Roehampton London, September 2016

I will highly recommends SI-UK to my family friends who suppose to join us in UK in coming years and i will be very happy to suggest your name to them as they will having same problem like Carrerie (my daughter) regarding international fees.

SOMYA BOSE, MSc in Management Strategy


The service was great and I was very happy with the outcome. I would highly recommend to choose SI-UK for study in UK and Ireland. The counsellors helped me & my sister in every step from selecting our university till getting our visa. The process went smoothly without any hiccups. We got admission in my preferred university with the course of my choice. Counsellors also helped me in my visa filing which also went smoothly. I was also able to get the University of my choice. Definitely I will recommend the SI-UK services to my friends and relatives, as their service is so transparent and flawless and the counsellors were very supportive.

Kanika Sharma, MSc in Finance


The service was great and I was very happy with the outcome. My experience with the SI-UK was tremendous. The counsellor gave me sound ideas about the Universities and application procedure. That was quite informative. After that the Visa Counsellor helped me to get an Ireland visa without any hardship. Moreover, they helped me throughout the application process, i.e. from starting application to landing here. Frankly, without your help, it might be tedious. And also I wanted to study abroad with my sister and only because of your guidance we both got the visa and now studying in Dublin City University. Definitely, as their service is so transparent and flawless .and the counsellors were very supportive.

Anantha Padmanabh Girijavallabhan, BSc Audio and Music Technology

SI-UK Bangalore, University of the West of England(UWE),Bristol, SEPTEMBER 2016

An experienced and reliable group of counsellors ,always willing to you help you right from the admission procedures to the visa processing stage. Yes, I got the desired course in the university of my choice. A really helpful way to save money and time without compromising on the value of the advice and consultancy service SI-UK provides.

Ajit and Kieran Mehra, SI-UK Delhi, QMUL - September 2016

We would like to state that you have been an extremely valuable source of help, information and support to us from Day 1. You have given us the necessary knowledge about the different Universities, you have helped us in making a choice, you have assisted us in filling out all the required paperwork for admission and for the visas, you have diligently followed up for us at every stage with different Universities, and, even now, after admission, you are still providing us with the necessary information.

Gauravdeep singh, Msc Global Health and Global Surgery

SI-UK Delhi, Kings College london

Yes, I managed to enter the university of my choice. It is the best. I was able to secure a Visa just because of my counsellor. Of-course I will recommend SI-UK to my friends, providing step by step help is just par excellence. Just keep helping students in achieving their dreams.

Ankita Bali,MA Fashion Retail Management

SI-UK Delhi University of the Arts London(London College of Fashion)

I will definitely recommend SI-UK to my friends who want to study in the UK. In fact I have already referred my college juniors SI-UK! The best part about SI-UK counselors is that they are more of a friend than a service provider. The counselors are very well aware of the student’s mindset and hence guide accordingly.

Kanishka Kuniyal,English with Film and Television

SI-UK Delhi - Brunel University London

I was able to get into the university of my choice. The service was great and I was very happy with the outcome. It was very helpful, indeed my university was possible because of her instructions. I would definitely recommend SI-UK to my friends aiming for UK, because they have vast knowledge regarding the universities, courses and even backup universities. Also the applications right from applying to UCAS to visas, are assisted.

Muthuraj Chithirai Pandi, MSc Advanced Mechanical Engineering

SI-UK Chennai - University of Leicester

The quality of service is excellent. It was so helpful right from the beginning of application process. I would recommend SI-UK because of right guidance and always ready to help at every stage from the application process to landing on the UK.

Priyadharshini MSC International Shipping and Finance

SI-UK Chennai, University of Reading

Thanks to SI-UK for their valuable support and guidance, because of which I got into a course and the university of my choice. SI-UK gave a highly professionalised and personalised service, which was very helpful. If one decides to study in the UK, my first suggestion would be to approach SI-UK as they made things pretty easy. right from choosing the university to cracking the visa interview, SI-UK and the education counsellor did everything with utmost sincerity and dedication, which is highly appreciable. Thank you, SI-UK and keep motivating young students like me.

Yusuf Ghadiali - SOAS, MA in Theory and Practice of Translation

SI-UK Delhi, University of London

In retrospect, never in a hundred years would I have been able to go to the university of my dreams without SI-UK. In particular, when I was making a bad decision about my pre-sessional, she practically coerced me into making a good one. Yes. Firstly, my consultant was always accessible. It’s great support to have someone who you can ask any number of questions always there with an answer. Secondly, through SI-UK, I got an offer from SOAS in just two days and avoided a lot of hassle regarding the references. And lastly, the visa process would have been impossible without SI-UK. The tier-4 guide itself is at times vague with what documentation you need, while with SI-UK it was clear and organised.

Aurilia Rahul Gurung – MSC Data Science and Analytics

SI-UK Bangalore, Sep 2016 Royal Holloway University of London

I have received my VISA and will be heading to the UK on 24th September'2016. Thankyou for the constant support and guidance you provided me for the college's admission and VISA process. I am really impressed with the services provided by SI-UK. Honestly, getting in a course of my interest wouldn't have been so easy without your guidance. Thanking you once again.



A faithful and reliable Organization which guides you in a proper manner for your bright future. At first I had other option but after doing counselling with SI-UK, now I can say YES! I am at the right place. The advice from the counsellor was outstanding and brilliant and I realized when I started my studies here. I would recommend SI-UK to everyone and have already referred to my friends. The reason is straight because SI-UK has a lot of information of UK universities in every aspect.

Roshni Vinnakota Msc International Banking and Finance

SI-UK Chennai, University of Greenwich

SI- UK is a very good platform, for all those who wanted to pursue higher education in abroad. Every one was helpful. My counsellor guided with all the information in every single step while processing application. I will definitely suggest SI-UK to everyone. Proper guidance and advise was given. Which made me to think clearly.

Subith Rajapandian, Mechatronics

SI-UK Chennai, De Montfort University

The best support for my undergraduate course and University selection was given by my counselor. All my doubts were cleared spontaneously. I like SI-UK’s vast database of universities. I was given with a set of universities which come under my interest by my counselor, the list had every detail of each universities like the fees, rank, location etc. which made me easy to select the best one. I am completely satisfied by your response to all my queries. I would like to specially thank my counselor, for guiding me along. Thank You…

Harsh Chandak, BA Hons Business Management

SI-UK Chennai, Newcastle University – Sep-2016

My experience with SI-UK was very positive. My counsellor was very supportive and she guided me throughout the process. Infact she went a step forward and spoke to the universities regarding my application. My councellor guided me very well throughout the VISA process even though I was so nervous- she helped me out with what documents to carry and crosscheck.Without my councellor I wouldn’t be able to pick the university of my choice. I would always recommend SI-UK to a friend or relative.

Rutuja Shendkar

SI-UK Delhi

I had applied for Mechanical Engineering to The Coventry University. SI-UK provided a proper guidance and helped me throughout my admission process. Their constant advice, support and attentiveness have made it possible for me to get into a university of my choice. I am really thankful to their team and I would strongly recommend SI-UK to my friends and anyone wanting to study in UK.

Praveen Sudhindar, September 2016

"SI-UK services were very helpful. The counsellor used to give frank suggestion which I always relied on. AS a result of their hard work, I was able to enter the University of my choice i.e. New Castle University for studying MRes Cancer. The advice from the counsellor was of great help always right from the start in choosing university till the Visa application."

Anant Munjal

"I applied to The University of Southampton for Masters in Marketing(2016 batch). SI-UK Delhi provided me the guidance from scratch and helped me all through my application to the visa process along with mock interviews for visa interveiws. I am highly impressed by the consideration of my counsellor and effort she made throughout the process. I would recommend SI-UK to everyone in my known seeking education in UK."

Rajath Hasthantharam Nagesh Guptha – De Montfort University – MBA Global – Sep 2016 intake

"I had a very nice experience with SI-UK Bangalore. My complete process went smoothly and I thank you guys for that. You always responded, always replied to our calls, however busy you are. That's what i liked about the consultancy. Overall i recommend SI-UK to my peers as they help you hand in hand throughout the process. "

Anup Boppana, BA Business Management

SI-UK Delhi, University of Exeter, September 2016

I will definitely recommend SI-UK to my friends who want to study in the UK. The best support for my undergraduate course and University selection was given by my counsellor. My counsellor was very supportive and she guided me throughout the process. SI-UK Delhi provided me the guidance from scratch and helped me all through my application to the visa process along with mock interviews for visa interviews. The advice from my counsellor was very beneficial for me. I recommend all students to use their services!

Geetanjali Ganesan Kandaswamy – University of Sussex – MSC Development Economics – Sep 2016 intake

"SI-UK Bangalore has made my university application process simple with their excellent service. From applying to the universities, to getting an offer and choosing the university, they have assissted me throughout. My counsellor has been a constant support, and gave me a clear view of the university of my choice, keeping in mind with the area of my interest. She has done a commandable job by constantly keeping me updated with the information about the University and also with VISA process. I was able to see my application process move smoothly because of her excellent professional work. I would definitely recommend SI-UK Bangalore to my friends. "

Divyaditya Singh

"I applied to the University of Westminster, London for the Business Management BA Honours course (2016 September Entry). All I had to do was contact SI-UK and just sit and watch as my application went through unhindered and at a leisurely pace. I have received a full scholarship from University of Westminister with SI-UK counsellors timely efforts.
I had a good experience with them.
SI-UK is my recommendation for anyone applying to the UK Universities."

Elakkiya Karunakara Pandian

"SI-UK offers an excellent service and provided good assistance on all matters. I was able to get into the university of my choice thanks to the immense help from the counselor and I found their information completely reliable.
I would like to recommend SI-UK to everyone as they assisted me in all matters from university selection to applying to the university and the departure. I was also able to score 7 band score in IELTS with the help of the classes taken at SI-UK."

Johnravikumar Johnsampathkumar, Msc Astronomy

"SI-UK offers free services for students applying to UK universities and I was able to get into the university of my choice with the help of their counselors. I would like recommend SI-UK to everyone as they offer great services. "

Ankush Ganguly (India): MSc programme in Data Science

SI-UK Bangalore, University of Edinburgh, September 2016

"I am Ankush Ganguly and have recently graduated from NIT Silchar with a B.Tech degree in Mechanical Engineering and I look forward to study 1 Year MSc Programme in Data Science at the University of Edinburgh. To be very frank, initially I was a bit lost about the colleges offering the course, how to apply to them, how to prepare for my IELTS as well as to finalize on a good ‘Statement of Purpose (SOP)’. So at this stage I was looking for some guidance and I came across SI-UK. SI-UK is just a unique institution which provides a tailored solution to each and every student.They take great care in each and every one of their students. The counsellors are very experienced and they can provide with an array of options stating the pros and cons of each of them, thus helping to narrow down to the best fit. Apart from that, SI-UK also helped me prepare for my IELTS by conducting several mock tests and providing me with a feedback while evaluating my performance in each and every one of these tests. I’m thoroughly indebted to SI-UK, who constantly guided me throughout and took care of my application procedures. In all my decisions SI-UK Counsellor was with me and helped me to choose the right path for my career .I would be happy to recommend SI-UK to my friends and family. I have always been welcomed with great hospitality and a personalized care with each request that I kept. I hope that several students keep benefiting from SI-UK."

Ria Jain (India): Joint Honors (BA) Marketing management/Events Management

SI-UK Delhi, University of Northampton, September 2015

"SI-UK service was very consistent and they were very helpful. They made all the process very easy for University selection and finally and got it - University of Northampton. Yes, definitely I will recommend SI-UK to my friends because they help in every step you take and really work hard on all the processes to make sure you get the admission and even after admission, they keep providing you with necessary updates. It wasn’t required for me to take IELTS as I had scored above 65% in English in class 12. I am truly impressed with SI-UK and support your counselors provided. No suggestions just Keep Up The Good Work."


Jyotsna Singh (India): MSc International Business and Management

SI-UK Delhi, University of Manchester, September 2015

"SI-UK provided my guidance from the scratch and paved the way throughout the process. Yes. I categorized University of Manchester as my dream university and luckily I was able to get into it. My counselor's help was commendable. She was a support system throughout the application process. Yes, definitely, I would recommend it to my friends since they specifically focus on UK (If someone wants to go to UK especially) and the type of professional help provided from the team was commendable."


Nikita Kakkar (India): MSc. Business Analytics And Management Sciences

SI-UK Delhi, Southampton University, September 2016

"Undoubtedly the Best study in UK consultants in India. I was able to get into the Southampton University which was definitely my choice. The counselors at SI-UK are very helpful and genuine. Their advice has always been very helpful. My education counselor & Visa Counselor have given their best support whenever required. I have received speedy solutions for my queries from them. Yes, I would recommend SI-UK to my friends because here at SI-UK individual attention is given to the students and the atmosphere is very friendly. I took IELTS classes from SI-UK Language center and scored 7.0 in the IELTS Test to be able to easily get into my chosen university."

Yashwant Liladhar Gurbani (India): Aerospace Engineering

SI-UK Delhi, University of sheffield, September 2015

"Really helpful and gave proper guidance required to enter my university of choice. Yes, I did manage to get into the university of Sheffield, which was my first choice. The advice from my counselor was very beneficial for me. Yes, I would recommend SI-UK to my friends as the service provided was really good and was at a very professional level. "


Sarvika Mehra (India): Msc Clinical and Health Psychology

SI-UK Bangalore, University - Newcastle University, September 2015

"The service was great and I was very happy with the outcome. I managed to enter in the university of my choice. The advice given by the counselors was helpful for me. Yes I would recommend SI-UK to my friends and relatives because SI-UK understand the need of the student and work accordingly." 

Revathy Variath Vijayakumar (India): MA Religions of Asia and Africa

SI-UK Bangalore, University  - SOAS, September 2015

"My counselor was helpful, patient and extremely understanding. Yes, I am now in the university of my choice. I would recommend SI-UK and its counselling service in specific because they are extremely patient and helpful during the entire process and they used to answer queries repeatedly and promptly and were always there for support. The best part of SI-UK is that if for some reason the counselors or other staff whom I was supposed to meet there was on off that day, they use to let me know in advance."

Anuradha Venkatesh (India): MSc Energy Management

SI-UK Bangalore, University of Stirling, 2015-2016

"SI-UK has an efficient and reliable service, that excellently motivates and guides students to accomplish their academic goals. SI-UK Bangalore services are the best in Bangalore in terms of Study in UK Consultation. Yes, I enrolled in the university of my choice- namely, the University of Stirling, through the combined efforts of the SI-UK counsellor and my parents. The counsellor ably assisted me through the process of recommending potential universities, arranging meetings with the university recruitment officers, and finally helping me complete my admission and visa processing. My counsellor’s advice played a major role in my final decision of opting for Stirling. Yes, I think the SI-UK counsellor’s advice was extremely helpful in enabling me to short-list a number of universities according to my choice of programme. Furthermore, her advice encompassed the entire application process involved in studying abroad- from deciding the programme of study to the travel tips and documentation. Without guidance from the counsellor, I believe that it would have been extremely challenging to organise and structure my plans for studying in the UK. I would definitely recommend my friends to SI-UK, because I found their approach simple and efficient; their commitment was obvious through the quality of their work, and their personal interaction with students was very engaging and motivating. Thank you SI-UK Bangalore for all your help, and do keep up the good work!"

Mahasish Banerjee (India): MA International Development and Education

SI-UK Bangalore, University  - Newcastle University, 2015

"Excellent and professional are some of the superlatives I would use to describe the help they have provided. Their counsellors advice was integral at every step taken and that is why I was able to get the university of my choice the Newcastle University. Most definitely I will refer my friends and known persons to come to SI-UK for any help regarding Study in UK. Keep up all the good work!"


Jeeva Prakash (India): 

SI-UK Bangalore, University  - Newcastle university, 2015

"It has been a drastic change being in the UK, occupied with loads of assignments, assessments deadlines and I'm living each moment. I was thinking of writing a feedback for SI-UK the very first week I joined the university here. But I am able to write this now during the Christmas break here. I would take this opportunity to thank SI-UK for all the support and guidance they gave me, starting from the day I showed interest to pursue masters till took my flight to the UK. My counsellors worked on an intensed schedule, assured me of successfully processing my application. At the time of my application I was having 5 years of prior work experience. Seeing my profile and experience, as a potential student, SI-UK took all the effort, assessed my english skills and coordinated with English Faculty (IELTS) by prioritised learning sessions. She actually took responsibility to help me in various phases of application especially in finding scholarship and accommodation. I am really greatful for all the help and support from SI-UK."


Sanjana Pattabi Raman (India): MA Journalism

SI-UK Bangalore, University  - University of Westminster, London, 2015

"The service is prompt, efficient and helpful. The advice from SI-UK counsellor was helpful. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. If I’m oblivious about something, the staff can guide me. It’s prudent to ask someone who’s well-versed in this area than make assumptions and that is why I was able to get the university of my choice."


Amit Anand (India):

SI-UK Bangalore, University  - Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, 2015

Applying for a abroad university is not an easy task and not something that can be done on our own. But It can be an unbelievably easy task if you are at SI-UK.
If studying in UK is on your mind, then the first step towards achieving it is to visit the SI-UK office. And SI-UK will be your companion until you board the flight. This is probably the most friendliest and trustworthy UK education consultancies I have ever been to. They have been very supportive in each phase.
They guide you right from identifying your suitable university , payment of application fees , references , IELTS to applying for VISA. The staff are really encouraging. Special thanks to the team comprising of admission counsellors and Visa application counsellor for all the help. They have the most up to date information. This is the best consultancy for studying in UK. You can count me on that.


Erwin Louis (India): Msc Geotechnical Engg.

SI-UK Bangalore, University  - Newcastle university, 2015

"Our prime purpose in this life is to help others" (Dalai Lama). I am confident to say that I wouldn't have got the admission to Newcastle university without the help of counselor in SI-UK Bangalore. Their help, attentiveness, constant reminders and way of organizing people has made it possible for many students like me to pursue their studies in UK. I sincerely recommend SI-UK to help future students who need admission to the UK universities. We rise by helping others and I believe that SI-UK is the right place to help students with UK admissions."


Gilbirt Ganyon (Malaysia): MA Education at Brunel University

“I would like to thank you for your endless support throughout my application. From looking for universities, to making sure my visa was issued. I’m so happy and thankful to SI-UK! I will recommend you to my friends!”

Samanthini Wijeweera (Sri Lanka): Bsc Pharmacology and Physiology at University of Westminster

“When I first came to the UK, SI-UK helped and supported me so much. The agency has great links with UK universities and I received offers much faster than other students I know. I will never forget your help SI-UK!”

Daniel Humberto Carranza (Peru): Msc Computer Science at University of Westminster

“SI-UK’s service exceeded my expectations during my university application. I was able to get a full scholarship for £9000 with their help! I recommend all students to use their services!”

Kan Wei-Lin (Taiwan): Political Science Bsc Accounting at London School of Economics

“I used SI-UK’s premium service to apply to university. My counsellor showed great consideration and patience, and took great care with my application. This agency is very reputable and you can contact them at any time for a response! Thank you SI-UK!”

Peng Ren (China): Msc Accounting at University of Lincoln

“The premium service is great! My counsellor contacted me every day throughout my application and got me the unconditional offer! I am so grateful to SI-UK and their helpful team and I will never forget them. I will study very hard as I feel this is the best reward I can give SI-UK.”

Jaime Andres Rendon (Colombia): Advertising and Marketing Communications with Languahe at University of Greenwich

I managed to enter my top choice university with clear and helpful advice. My counsellor was helpful because there is a lot of qualification methods which can be overwhelming. It is the best and clearest counselling if you need assistance being accepted to a UK university.

Carla Termini (Spanish): International Business Economics at City University

SI-UK's service is fast, reliable and efficient. I didn't have to worry about anything with my application at all. They advised me on which university is best for my study and send you lots of helpful information. I was worried about making mistakes, but my counsellors helped me out with everything the university desired.

Oscar Lizarazo (Colombia): MSc Software Engineering at City University

SI-UK offered an excellent service by high level professionals. I would recommend SI-UK to friends. They offer great one to one advice and and great personal statement help. Their professionalism and cordiality would benefit anyone looking for a course in the UK.

Stephan Connell (USA): LLB at BPP University

The advice given by my counsellor was helpful because she guided me to make an informed decision about my course of study and what university would be best for me to achieve my academic goals. I will definitely recommend SI-UK to my friends due to the fact that this organisation is genuinely dedicated to aid international students in their choice of study along with a university that will be best to study.

Harshani Periera (Sri Lanka): MA Interior Design at University for the Creative Arts

The best part of SI-UK's support was the knowledgeable staff who helped me pick which was the right university for me. My counsellor provided me with information of each university's environment, professors, cost, etc. I was able to choose a university according to my preferences and costs, and I am now very happy and excited to study in the U.K. They did the best!

Emmanuel Sakala (Zambia): BA Buisness Management

I want to thank the entire team at SI-UK for the help and services they offer to students and as for me particularly I want to thank Nabaa for all the help and guidance she gave me. Nabaa is very dedicated to her work and she is always willing to go the extra mile to see her students get the best. She always makes the time for her students and is quick to respond to any queries. I appreciate all of the support received and am thankful to her and her colleagues for what they are doing for students.

I was really impressed by the professional atmosphere. The knowledge of UK universities really helped me find my ideal destination.
Priya Singh
Civil Engineering at University of Manchester

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