SI-UK Student Testimonials

SI-UK Student Testimonials

Find out what students who used our services
have to say about SI-UK.

Student Testimonials

SI-UK has helped thousands of Indian students to study in UK by placing them in a UK university of their choice. Our services ensure that they have the best possible chance of entering their preferred higher education institution in the UK and the testimonials below are some examples of their success:

Sunil N.B, SI-UK Bangalore

Msc, University of Southampton

I had experienced great job with SI-UK with regarding higher studies for abroad UK.

Vaishali Raja Rajendran, SI-UK Bangalore

MA Animation & Digital Effects , Sheffield Hallam University

Service rendered was excellent, Mrs. Kavita for always ready to extend her guidance and advice to student. I extend my heartfelt thanks to the SIUK & the co-coordinator for all their immediate action whenever it was sought.

Soumyalelcha Anantha, SI-UK Bangalore

Msc Food Bioscience, GCU London

Great help from the counselors at SIUK they have very essential information that they share with prospective students.

Shruti Menon, SI-UK Bangalore

Master in Philosophy, University of Bristol

SIUK has prove to be beneficial in guiding us with the entire process of applying to and securing a great in a university.

Dheeraj Kini, SI-UK Bangalore

MA Animation & Digital Effects, University of Greenwich

I had a very great experience right from the start to finish; All the staff were really great and very helpful. I recommend SI-UK for all student who are planning to study in UK.

  • Study at University of Glasgow
  • Study at University of Kent
  • Study at University of Oxford
  • Study at University of East Anglia
  • Study at London School of Economics
  • Study at Kings College London
  • Study at University of Liverpool