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SI-UK India Student Testimonials

SI-UK has placed thousands of international students interested in Study in UK universities. Our services ensure that they have the best possible chance of entering their chosen university and institution and below are some feedback and testimonials which are examples of their success:

Piyush Bhargava, SI-UK Delhi

MBA, Lancaster University

I sincerely thank you again, for constantly pushing me to complete my essays and submit my applications. I would be wrong to say that it is only due to my hard work, that I got admission in Lancaster. It only happened because you kept me on my toes and motivated me to complete the essays. If you really wish me to write only one sentence, I would say ‘devotion towards your endeavour and the determination to get the students placed in their university of choice’. Previously Lancaster University was not there in your partner list. However, when I speak to my counsellor and told her about my interest in the university, as the college ranking were improving year on year, she helped me in filling up the application and applying in Lancaster University. Advice provided by counsellor was very helpful. She constantly motivated me to write my essays for completing the application process, as I was very busy with my company’s project, she also informs me of approaching application deadlines. I would say keep up the good work. You have the best services. I would also like to thank the Visa officer for helping me arrange my documents for Visa filing.

Lekshmi Krishna Padmakumar Shylatha, SI-UK Delhi

Biomedical Science, University of Roehampton

The service was great and I am very happy with the outcome. Yes, i got admission at the university which i had chosen. My counsellor always gave me updates about my UCAS application and she helped me from the beginning till end. I gave a good review about SI-UK to all my friends and family members who all are planning to come for studies in UK. Sakhi’s advice was always helpful to me, she was patient and friendly, she helped me to improve the quality of my application in its best way.

G Akash Patil, SI-UK Bangalore

LLB Hons (Law), University of Kent

A perfect place to clear your doubts and solve your problems and to make your application perfect hassle free in order to join university of your choice in UK. Yes, I have managed to enter the University of my Choice. The advice given by the counsellor was precise and very helpful. Yes, I recommend SI-UK to my friends as the council has wide range of knowledge about universities in UK, how to apply to them and how to complete other formalities, they even provide suggestions on sop(statement of purpose). SI-UK Bangalore also helps with visa applications. I don’t have any suggestions but I would like to thank SI-UK and its team for helping me out in choosing a perfect university.

Carrerie Fernandes, SI-UK Delhi

BSc Psychology, University of Roehampton

I will highly recommends SI-UK to my family friends who suppose to join us in UK in coming years and i will be very happy to suggest your name to them as they will having same problem like Carrerie (my daughter) regarding international fees.

Somya Bose, SI-UK Delhi

MSc in Management Strategy, Dublin City University

The service was great and I was very happy with the outcome. I would highly recommend to choose SI-UK for study in UK and Ireland. The counsellors helped me & my sister in every step from selecting our university till getting our visa. The process went smoothly without any hiccups. We got admission in my preferred university with the course of my choice. Counsellors also helped me in my visa filing which also went smoothly. I was also able to get the University of my choice. Definitely I will recommend the SI-UK services to my friends and relatives, as their service is so transparent and flawless and the counsellors were very supportive.

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